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aqiqah + putun jambul

19 July 2008

wah…kali ni muhammad berjalan bersungguh2….balik all kampung in one go…mula2 balik kl – keramat, then kl – gombak, then muar and lastly stay in jb for a week!! puas berjalan…

kat muar, i planned for kenduri aqiqah only, but biasela…jadi kenduri potong jambul jugak
food was great..muhammad behaved very well…theme was PINK n people potong jambul my son – jambul belakang la..sebab muhammad kurang rambut…hehe n takut2 je org nak potong…muhammad pun pelik je ( n pasrah )


baby’s day out – first family outing

8 July 2008

yesterday was my last day of pantang…so, today we went out!
it was fun but a bit kelam kabut….ye la 1st time outing for 1st time parents…mmg agak huru hara we didn’t even snap any photos silly mommy too bad we’ll just have to go out again
we went out around lunch time, and had lunch at McD TC, muhammad sat quietly in his stroller while we eat …good boy (no pics – left camera in the car…duh! )
then we went to imegresen to collect muhammad’s mykid…so kaler this was the first incident…muhammad’s diapers bocor!! big time! abis baju sumer… (punyela the nite before suruh ayah dier beli huggies sbb nak make sure x bocor time jalan2…tapi fail..hampeh huggies ) so, we changed his diapers and the whole lot – baju, booties, mitten at hutan bandar…sibbaik bawak baju spare
then we headed to east coast mall…first destination : parkson, reason: to spend our 100 ringgit coupon that’s about to expire…so, we went shopping for muhammad’s clothes, and baby starts to cry again, he’s hungry and need a nappy change…to my delight there’s a really cute and convenient changing room in parkson complete with two nursing rooms (sangat kagum sbb x sangka ada such facilities kat kuantan…kutuk kuantan lagi…jgn mare org kuantan )
then we went to carrefour, and finding out the same baby stuff sold at carrefour were way cheaper than it was in parkson lesson learned: shop at hypermarket first, jimat duit
because of time constraint (babies kena sampai rumah before maghrib rite ), the trip to carrefour was short and we didn’t get to eat donuts n go to brand’s outlet…mommy didn’t even get to make new lenses…terpakse la pakai je specs ni for few more days..
balik rumah….everybody pengsan
can’t wait for next outing with baby…different experience…very adventurous