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cherating – first family vacation

14 September 2008

we went for a vacation at Cherating over the weekend…stayed in Legend Cherating; using our entitlement, ate a lot using our F&B vouchers (best betul cuti2 FREE neh 😀 …hehe)

day one (Friday) we checked into the hotel, muhammad gets to play in the bathtub for the first time, afterwards we went for buka puasa buffet, we arrived after people have berbuka…sampai lambat, but ok je… :-p

next day (Saturday) we went to Kemaman…(kononnye i wanted to shop for tudungs..but me as usual, bab shopping ni fail sket…fail selalu! LOL ), on the way back to the hotel we stopped by the turtle sanctuary, get to see some live turtles, muhammad was so happy to see them swimming and flapping about..kudos to the people at the conservation center for doing such a good job :-> (just hope more locals would care more :-S) …then buka puasa at hotel once again, sat at the same table, but this time pegi awal, best sket…

today (last day), the boys woke up early to go to the pool…muhammad seronok mandi kat swimming pool…tapi kesian baby boy sebab susah nak bukak mata, silau! LOL
kemas2, amik2 gambar…then balik… 😀

end of our first family vacation  😉 B-)


3rd Anniversary

10 September 2008

it’s our 3rd wedding anniversary…
there’s the 3 of us now…
n muhammad is 3 months old ++

**wow….banyaknye 3! what a coincidence…