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my australian adventure – gold coast

24 October 2008

It’s been a while since our last jalan2…and thanks to Air Asia’s free seats, we get to go to gold coast, australia…overall it was fun too bad baby muhammad didn’t get to go with us, maybe next time when u’re at least a 130cms tall…huhu

Day1 –
arrived at coolangata airport, wait for the car rental office to pick us up, took our car and headed straight for surfer’s paradise. since it was Indy (car racing event), the place was packed and we realised fat chance we’ll get to stay somewhere there…bought dreamworld tickets at a discounted price, and went motel hunting…downfall of coming to GC when there’s a huge event was the price hike, so we ended staying at a nice little motel in palm beach (further away from surfer’s but hey we rented a car, so no biggie ), check in at the ‘Cat Motel’ and we slept the whole afternoon – jet lag la kononnye Later that night went to surfer’s again and just drove around town to familirise ourselves with the roads…end of day one, big day tomorrow

Day 2 –
yay! today we went to WB Movie World! I was so excited to go there…first we got on the superman ride, that was awesome! not the usual roller coaster ride, the first jolt was so cool, u can really feel the g-force bought muhammad a superman (more like superbaby) costume…then we went to see the ‘furry fab four’ show…it was just bugs, daffy, sylvester and taz playing as a band…boring.. next we went on some rides and watch more shows…had lunch at gotham city hall, bought some souvenirs (everything was MADE IN CHINA..duh!)..last was the so called parade…out of all the rides, i really enjoyed the scooby-doo spooky coaster…
my verdict of movieWorld…dead boring! haha
why? – well, the shows were such nuisance, the rides were just okay, and the parade was a joke! the fact that i only get to meet shrek, bugs and tweety was so devastating, at theme parks such as this, meeting the characters is what’s most exciting and in movieWorld i guess all of them just stayed in a hole underground somewhere that bugs dig such a rip off
went to harbour town afterwards, but we arrived late, and the shops were already closed night time – surfer’s again for kebabs

Day 3 –
today is dreamworld day…after much disappointment in movieWorld the day before, i prayed that dreamworld wouldn’t be as bad, so i set my expectations low …first we were greeted by their mascot, a pair of koalas, then we meet jimmy neutron…the first ride we went on was one of the big6 – the giant drop…woohoo…scared the lights of me then we went to the Australian Wildlife experience to ‘mingle’ with roos and, aren’t they a friendly bunch we spent a little too much time there, we almost missed the spongebob show then we went on the spongebob flypants ride…and some other rides…see the tiger show, it’s cool how they trained the tigers so well…we went on 5 out of the big6 rides, didn’t get to ride the wipeout as it was closed mick doohan’s motorcoaster was awesome! totally something different tower of terror – the suspense while waiting in line was more thrilling than the ride itself the claw was cool the slime time show was fun! and as i was about to go home dissapointed for not taking any photos with spongebob, he and patrick came out and yay! my work here is done
my verdict – dreamworld is exactly like they advertise it, worth every penny

night time – just before sunset we went up the Q1 deck, located in the Q1 tower, which was the tallest residential tower in the world…and the lift only took about 50 seconds to reach the! later, went to surfer’s for kebabs and catch the ‘Indy parade’..

Day 4 –
last day, free and easy…started off by watching the sunrise by the beach, went to the local arts and craft market at burleigh heights…then we went to carrara market…last stop was the pacific mall, basically all we did today was shop, and spending all of our ‘leftover’ oz money dropped the car off, and went to the airport, waited for our flight, and we headed home to see our baby boy



1 October 2008

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims out there
this year we spent our first day of raya in jb, syokla my parents raya with their first grandchild…our ‘little family’ mmg plan to wear red…tapi x sangka my brothers also wore red, so, all of us, the children n grandchild were all in red, n my parents wore green…comei je….