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trip to melaka

9 January 2009

ayah hani’s office held a family day in melaka this time around, we stayed at sri malaysia, not bad 🙂

since the eye on malaysia is now ‘parked’ in melaka, we went for a ride…not much of a view, but ok lah…we also went to the zoo, lots of improvement since the last time i was there, muhammad had a great time, he loves the zoo, he gets to see lots of furry friends there.. 😀 later, muhammad takes a dip in the swimming pool to rasmi his new float 😉

** mana aktiviti family day nyer? hmm…i myself wonder jugak..huhu :-p


jalan-jalan perak

1 January 2009
From perak trip

we went to perak for a friend’s wedding, stayed at Heritage in ipoh.

first stop was zoo taiping. i really love this zoo because there’s lots of baby animals. that’s a sign that the animals are happy 😉 great job taiping zoo people! i hope more zoos in malaysia would do such a great job as well 🙂

ipoh is well known for its ‘udang meals’, we ate nasi goreng udang that was all udang, macam lebih udang dari nasi pun ada…hihi, and rojak sotong..we should’ve tried the mee kari udang, i heard it’s a blast!

we went to the felda residence hot springs in sungkai, they’ve made it into a beautiful tourist attraction, muhammad loves bathing in the hot spring la..panas and comfy 😀