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22 February 2009
From twins baby contest 2008

we entered muhammad in a baby photo contest at twins baby, kuantan sometime last we attended the prize giving ceremony, and our muhammad only won a consolation prize – a hamper…mommy wants a trophy for baby!! hehehe…well, whether or not muhammad wins, it doesn’t really matter…he is still the cutest in our eyes 😉


jusco AU2

19 February 2009
From jusco AU2

went to kl for the occasional bengkel at utmkl..and since jusco au2 is just a stone-throw’s away from my in-law’s house, we went for a stroll…muhammad gets to ride on the ‘car trolley’ and he’s having a great time with it..actually we went to jusco to buy a new car seat for muhammad because he’s a big baby now, his old car seat doesn’t fit him anymore…we end up buying a seat that claims that it could be used up to a 12 year old child! muhammad enjoys his new seat very much as it could be reclined just like a grown up car seat 🙂

there was a small industry products exhibition while we were there..i love to support these type of industry by buying their products, as they provide an alternative to the companies that we are boycotting..but there’s one little problem…these alternatives tend to sell their products at a ridiculously high price…so far i only find FAMA being the only one offering a fair price…too bad


baby’s visit to our new house

8 February 2009

our house has a layer of paint now…we’re so excited about it
went to take the measurements so we can plan on what to fit in, arrangements, etc