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cameron highlands

25 April 2009

muhammad just recovered from a high (quite serious) fever, and we went straight to cameron highlands to relax? well, anyways we went there with our pmc friends..since one of our friends is a local there, we stayed at her bro’s apartment, and had our meals at her mom’s restaurant (but all is not free, musti bayar la..baru la namenye support bisnes kawan2..huhu)

we arrived on friday, muhammad and mommy just stayed at the apartment because muhammad had a bad case of rashes, while ayah n friends went to pasar malam brinchang and bought some strawberries, ate it with susu pekat..sangat sedap!

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next day, saturday went to the big red strawberry farm, had some delicious strawberry meals (sundae, coffee milkshake)..stopped by kia farm for a bit of shopping, then we went to the boh plantation in sungai palas…night time we had steamboat n went for a stroll at pasar malam brinchang…mommy borong strawberries, nak bawa balik punyer 😉

From cameron_pmc
From cameron_pmc
From cameron_pmc

last day went up boh plantation again (but made a stop at the hospital first because some of our friends are sick)…went to the same strawberry farm as the day before for another round of scrumptious strawberry meals (sundae, waffles), had lunch and headed back home

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cameron was lovely…it’s a great place to just relax and unwind 🙂

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From cameron_pmc

F1 2009

5 April 2009

it’s time of the year again! last year i missed it because i was humongously pregnant..hehe..this year was my comeback and there were some great moments and some not so great ones…(that’s just life..*sigh*)

Fakta(did u know?)

after just one season of F1 in sepang, malaysia got back not just the cost of building sepang, but still profit from it! (patutla jiran kite tu pun beriya nak buat F1 kat tempat dia, jeles la tu..hehe)

this year i got tickets from LG’s contest, they gave us two tickets, two parking tickets, two meal vouchars, and a goodie bag…i was happy to get the free tickets but a bit dissapointed because it was just hillstand tickets (i honestly thought we’re gonna win grandstand tickets, it never occurred to me we’re gonna get hillstand tickets, tapi bersyukur aje la..hehe)..and because of that (hillstand tickets), we decided not to go for the qualifying session and just spent the day at PD..

on the race day itself, we went to the mall area to pick up our goodie bag, we got an umbrella, a cap, a bag and a bottle of drinking water..not too shabby!

the race begins with the GP2 race, and i was psyched! the sound of them engines..sukenye!! but later it started to rain, and the tragedy came…spectators were attacked by caterpillars! after the rain many of us went to the medical post to get medical attention for our itchy situation…thank goodness we didn’t bring muhammad along..kesian dia kalau kena ulat bulu..isk…

otakku fikir bukan2:

what if during the thunderstorm, with the strong winds and all, an umbrella got blown away into the track where cars were racing and caused a massive accident – could it be they would BAN UMBRELLAS in sepang??!!! huhu

after the rain the sun was out again, and the F1 GP started at 5pm (gila tak, lambat tuu…sungguh x faham kenapa..rupenye sebab nak dapatkan live telecast 9am kot kat area europe…tapi sangatlah tak sesuai dengan timing kita…hehe), and as forecasted, the weather turned bad and the race was suspended at lap 31 and later stopped..spectators started doing all crazy stunts to amuse themselves…all the drivers only got half points, and we went home with word – hampa!

balik pulak stress ngan polis yang ‘menjaga’ trafik dengan teramat ‘cemerlang’..tapi same thing every year, no improvements in term of the after-race traffic.

but this year’s race was great, even with only 31 laps and the race got suspended, we got to see how Glock become a ‘trend-setter’ with the tyres (just humourous), heidfeld was persistent on the wet tyres and not going with the flow, thanks to his ‘local’ engineers (lucky him!), and the drivers skidded and turned on the wet track, it must’ve been very challenging for the teams..and this year was such a different experience for me..and as year I’ll be back for more!!

“the weather gods are playing jokes with us” – the commentators


weekend@ PD

4 April 2009

PD used to be THE destination for a vacation when i was young 😉

it’s been a while since the last time i was here, and this weekend, unplanned, we joined my in-laws for a weekend getaway at PD..we stayed in plams springs, duta hacienda.. on saturday we went to the swimming pool for a splash..the pool was nice – there was a kiddie pool with a water slide,  three jacuzzies, and a man made beach! such a complete pool to waddle around, great! nearby the swimming pools was the caravan area..for the next trip we are definitely staying in a caravan (i’ve always wanted to stay in one, slalu tengok tv aje :-p), can’t wait!

late afternoon we went to the beach, muhammad played with the sand, we burried his foot, it was cute…but too bad no photo moments as mommy joined in for a swim as well (rosakle camera kalau kena air, that’s why kena beli olympus sh2ockproof – tahan lasak + masuk air tu ayah! hehe)

end of jalan2 PD with muhammad’s wawa(s), bibik, mamang n cousin…hehe 😀