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family day – back2back

28 March 2010

it was a hectic day for us, we had two family days to attend to- in the morning we went to bukit gambang city resort for ayah hani’s office’s family day (in kuantan). next up was mommy hani’s high school reunion cum family day at A famosa resort (in melaka). just imagine the journey we had to endure…the long hours of drive…huhu

we won a stand fan (again!) for the lucky draw in kuantan, and a candy jar for the lucky draw in melaka…not great prizes, but still we’re lucky enough to get gifts..LOL

the retro themed dinner party of mommy hani’s reunion wasn’t so ‘retroey’..more like kids fun time! LOL still, what’s important is that in the end, everybody enjoyed themselves, even us 😉