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29 May 2010

big bro hani’s 2nd birthday party was themed ‘superheroes’…so, the hani family was a ‘superfamily’…all of us had our superman costumes on 😉 threw a small birthday bash for big bro hani at atok hani’s house in jb…we invited our aunts and granny, and some close friends – atong’s kids came as the powerpuff girls, and khalid’s son..well, just being a ‘me-man’ i guess…hehe

mommy hani baked a cute little airplane cake, complete with a pilot in it 😉

end of our birthday month marathon for this year, can’t wait for next year!


KK trip 2010 – day 5

17 May 2010

today is our last day in KK, before going to the airport we went sightseeing for the last time and went photo taking definitely…wanted to go up menara tun mustapha but it was closed on mondays…went to signal hill observatory to snap some photos…the view was great..but now it had been blocked by some new buildings..too bad…ate a really fast lunch at kfc and board the plane back to KL..bye bye KK, can’t wait to be back again!! 😀


do go up menara tun mustapha, chill out at @tmosphere, their rotating restaurant..worth a visit..just make sure not to go on mondays 😉


KK trip 2010 – day 4

16 May 2010

shopping!! first we went to Gaya sunday market at gaya street, it was such a cool street market..we ate some local kuehs we found there for breakfast, bought some souvenirs…

next we stopped by the enfamous philipino market..(and they made a visit to le meridian’s to use their loo..hehe), bought more souvenirs…had lunch and visited the state museum before going back to the hotel…

we had dinner at tanjung aru beach..nice seafood and great drinks..delish!!!


sunset at tanjung aru beach is breathtaking, try to make time to just unwind and enjoy the remember that in KK the sun sets as early as 5pm 😉


KK trip 2010 – day 3

15 May 2010

pulau day!!! spend the day island hopping in tunku abdul rahman park..snorkelling is a MUST! the view was’s my highlight of the trip without any doubt 😉

we went to sapi, mamutik and manukan island, first stop was sapi, it drizzled but we still get in the water and had loads of fun! baby hani didn’t get in the water…ayah hani and big bro hani was the first to get in the water, muhammad was so happy to feed the really friendly up, mommy hani went for a solo snorkel..( before going to the jetty, ayah hani bought a cool gadget for our camera that makes it waterproof, so we get to take loads of pictures in the water without limits..hehe)

next stop was mamutik, we had lunch there and bathed in the sea – all 4 of us…mommy hani made a cute little sandplane for big bro hani and boy, was he delighted. mamutik was fun, because it was really convenient, the restaurant and bathroom was all nearby..the not so fun part was atong lost his camera at sea 😦

last stop was manukan, neither of us gets in the water, just went there to rinse ourselves…too bad tho, if we had more time we sure would have snorkel there as well…but still, we had an experience to remember 🙂


KK trip 2010 – day 2

14 May 2010

early morning on the 2nd day we checked out from the hotel and headed to kinabalu park to visit the museum and snap some photos, with kids it’s not suitable to go for a walk in the nature trails there…next we went for a dip at poring hot springs. on the way we made a quick stop for strawberry ice creams, yummy! drove back to KK and checked in cititel express – the name sounds promising but the room ain’t; it was so cramped, the hotel was just ridiculous..bah..

after refreshing ourselves, we went for dinner nearby maybank in KK, food was great, drinks was even greater 😉


KK trip 2010 – day 1

13 May 2010

we went for a 5 days 4 nights trip to KK, sabah with our was the hani babies’ first plane ride and big bro hani was so excited to see lots of jet planes and to actually be in one!

we arrived in KK around lunch time, got our rented nissan urvan at the airport and by using our GPS, we went to look for a place to have lunch..later we headed to mount kinabalu, and spend the night at a cosy motel called puncak borneo in bundu tuhan. had dinner in ranau – yummy yummy sabah smoked wings..delish!!


double celebration

10 May 2010

mommy hani’s birthday always coincides with mother’s, this year we had a double celebration again!

on mother’s day eve, we had dinner at damai seafood restaurant in jb, celebrating mommy hani and opah hani 😉 next day, there was cake, two of them! one for mother’s day for the two mommies, and another for mommy hani’s birthday. brought the birthday cake back to kuantan, and later shared it with mommy hani’s friends at the office. birthday dinner was at a restaurant in china town kuantan.

next up – big bro hani :->