KK trip 2010 – day 3

15 May 2010

pulau day!!! spend the day island hopping in tunku abdul rahman park..snorkelling is a MUST! the view was breathtaking..it’s my highlight of the trip without any doubt 😉

we went to sapi, mamutik and manukan island, first stop was sapi, it drizzled but we still get in the water and had loads of fun! baby hani didn’t get in the water…ayah hani and big bro hani was the first to get in the water, muhammad was so happy to feed the really friendly fishes..next up, mommy hani went for a solo snorkel..( before going to the jetty, ayah hani bought a cool gadget for our camera that makes it waterproof, so we get to take loads of pictures in the water without limits..hehe)

next stop was mamutik, we had lunch there and bathed in the sea – all 4 of us…mommy hani made a cute little sandplane for big bro hani and boy, was he delighted. mamutik was fun, because it was really convenient, the restaurant and bathroom was all nearby..the not so fun part was atong lost his camera at sea 😦

last stop was manukan, neither of us gets in the water, just went there to rinse ourselves…too bad tho, if we had more time we sure would have snorkel there as well…but still, we had an experience to remember 🙂


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