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29 May 2010

big bro hani’s 2nd birthday party was themed ‘superheroes’…so, the hani family was a ‘superfamily’…all of us had our superman costumes on πŸ˜‰ threw a small birthday bash for big bro hani at atok hani’s house in jb…we invited our aunts and granny, and some close friends – atong’s kids came as the powerpuff girls, and khalid’s son..well, just being a ‘me-man’ i guess…hehe

mommy hani baked a cute little airplane cake, complete with a pilot in it πŸ˜‰

end of our birthday month marathon for this year, can’t wait for next year!


double celebration

10 May 2010

mommy hani’s birthday always coincides with mother’s, this year we had a double celebration again!

on mother’s day eve, we had dinner at damai seafood restaurant in jb, celebrating mommy hani and opah hani πŸ˜‰ next day, there was cake, two of them! one for mother’s day for the two mommies, and another for mommy hani’s birthday. brought the birthday cake back to kuantan, and later shared it with mommy hani’s friends at the office. birthday dinner was at a restaurant in china town kuantan.

next up – big bro hani :->



1 May 2010

happy birthday to you..happy birthday to you…happy birthday to ayah hani…happy birthday to you!!

ayah hani is 33 yo today! mommy hani baked a banana cake n decorated it as a remote control, in respect to ayah hani’s current hobby – RC planes and cars πŸ˜‰ ayah hani got 3 birthday gifts – 2 for the man he is (a phone and a pair of sunglasses), and one for the boy within (a popup book)..ayah hani was happy with his gifts, so is hani muhammad..hehe

next up…mommy hani πŸ˜‰


birthday month kick-off

30 April 2010

May – our birthday month is here!

2010 birthday kick-off was ayah hani’s pre-birthday dinner at crocodile rock, kuantan. The baby hanis behaved well at the beginning, acted up in the middle, and was all angels in the end…hehe…the food was okay lah (not worth repeating, according to ayah hani). we ate a very thin pizza that mommy hani ended up ordering a plate ofΒ spaghetti just to make herself full. heee. more action tomorrow πŸ˜‰


family day – back2back

28 March 2010

it was a hectic day for us, we had two family days to attend to- in the morning we went to bukit gambang city resort for ayah hani’s office’s family day (in kuantan). next up was mommy hani’s high school reunion cum family day at A famosa resort (in melaka). just imagine the journey we had to endure…the long hours of drive…huhu

we won a stand fan (again!) for the lucky draw in kuantan, and a candy jar for the lucky draw in melaka…not great prizes, but still we’re lucky enough to get gifts..LOL

the retro themed dinner party of mommy hani’s reunion wasn’t so ‘retroey’..more like kids fun time! LOL still, what’s important is that in the end, everybody enjoyed themselves, even us πŸ˜‰


1st birthday

29 May 2009

it’s baby hani’s first birthday! we did a simple birthday party for muhammad…birthday boy was bashful that night…hehe…

mommy buat sniri kek muhammad πŸ˜‰ cumil tak..hihi..

some pictures of birthday boy n ayah n mommy πŸ˜€

From Muhammad's 1st Bday
From Muhammad's 1st Bday
From Muhammad's 1st Bday

ayah hani’s birthday

1 May 2009

it’s May again…our birthday month! ayah’s birthday is up first, muhammad made a cute birthday card for ayah and mommy baked some strawberry muffins…we had dinner at tanjung lumpur…that’s about it πŸ˜‰