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22 February 2009
From twins baby contest 2008

we entered muhammad in a baby photo contest at twins baby, kuantan sometime last we attended the prize giving ceremony, and our muhammad only won a consolation prize – a hamper…mommy wants a trophy for baby!! hehehe…well, whether or not muhammad wins, it doesn’t really matter…he is still the cutest in our eyes 😉


3rd Anniversary

10 September 2008

it’s our 3rd wedding anniversary…
there’s the 3 of us now…
n muhammad is 3 months old ++

**wow….banyaknye 3! what a coincidence…


aqiqah + putun jambul

19 July 2008

wah…kali ni muhammad berjalan bersungguh2….balik all kampung in one go…mula2 balik kl – keramat, then kl – gombak, then muar and lastly stay in jb for a week!! puas berjalan…

kat muar, i planned for kenduri aqiqah only, but biasela…jadi kenduri potong jambul jugak
food was great..muhammad behaved very well…theme was PINK n people potong jambul my son – jambul belakang la..sebab muhammad kurang rambut…hehe n takut2 je org nak potong…muhammad pun pelik je ( n pasrah )