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picnic by the beach

2 May 2010

we had a nice picnic by the beach, with a bucket of kfc 😀 muhammad played with the sand and later joined ayah hani flying his brand new kite (out of frustration he bought a new once, since the last kite got stuck in a tree)…muhammad dipped (a bit) in the sea while ayah hani flies his kite, and while mommy hani and baby luqmaan looks was a short and lovely picnic. next time we should start the picnic much earlier, so we could spend more time at the beach..and get ourselves more sunburnt! LOL 😀


at the beach

17 April 2010

finally we went to the beach! it was baby luqmaan’s first swim in the sea, and muhammad is now more than eager to swim on his own. we had a really great time, joining our long lost friends for a bbq lunch at the beach 😉 amidst the fun we had, ayah suffered a great lost (obviously exaggerated here LOL), ayah was so happy to fly his big rainbow kite, it was real fun, but too bad it got stuck in a tree 😦 yet, we still have some hope to retrieve the kite, till then ayah will still be sober..hihi 😀


sempurna resort – take 2

11 April 2010

as promised made to muhammad, we took the boys for a swim at the rainbow fun pool in sempurna resort. muhammad was fully equipped with his arm floats, swimsuit and goggles!*extremely cute* but missed photo moment 😦 muhammad especially had a really great time, all of us did! even lil baby luqmaan 😉

hmm…mommy hani’s thinking: what if we were to have muhammad’s 2nd birthday at sempurna resort, that would literally be cool (COLD more likely! LOL)


family day – back2back

28 March 2010

it was a hectic day for us, we had two family days to attend to- in the morning we went to bukit gambang city resort for ayah hani’s office’s family day (in kuantan). next up was mommy hani’s high school reunion cum family day at A famosa resort (in melaka). just imagine the journey we had to endure…the long hours of drive…huhu

we won a stand fan (again!) for the lucky draw in kuantan, and a candy jar for the lucky draw in melaka…not great prizes, but still we’re lucky enough to get gifts..LOL

the retro themed dinner party of mommy hani’s reunion wasn’t so ‘retroey’..more like kids fun time! LOL still, what’s important is that in the end, everybody enjoyed themselves, even us 😉


sempurna resort

3 May 2009

there’s a small but fun resort nearby our house, called sempurna has a nice rainbow fun pool for kids…muhammad had an extremely great time there!

From sempurna resort

suke sgt tgk muhammad sgt suke…hehehe 😀

From sempurna resort
From sempurna resort
From sempurna resort

F1 2009

5 April 2009

it’s time of the year again! last year i missed it because i was humongously pregnant..hehe..this year was my comeback and there were some great moments and some not so great ones…(that’s just life..*sigh*)

Fakta(did u know?)

after just one season of F1 in sepang, malaysia got back not just the cost of building sepang, but still profit from it! (patutla jiran kite tu pun beriya nak buat F1 kat tempat dia, jeles la tu..hehe)

this year i got tickets from LG’s contest, they gave us two tickets, two parking tickets, two meal vouchars, and a goodie bag…i was happy to get the free tickets but a bit dissapointed because it was just hillstand tickets (i honestly thought we’re gonna win grandstand tickets, it never occurred to me we’re gonna get hillstand tickets, tapi bersyukur aje la..hehe)..and because of that (hillstand tickets), we decided not to go for the qualifying session and just spent the day at PD..

on the race day itself, we went to the mall area to pick up our goodie bag, we got an umbrella, a cap, a bag and a bottle of drinking water..not too shabby!

the race begins with the GP2 race, and i was psyched! the sound of them engines..sukenye!! but later it started to rain, and the tragedy came…spectators were attacked by caterpillars! after the rain many of us went to the medical post to get medical attention for our itchy situation…thank goodness we didn’t bring muhammad along..kesian dia kalau kena ulat bulu..isk…

otakku fikir bukan2:

what if during the thunderstorm, with the strong winds and all, an umbrella got blown away into the track where cars were racing and caused a massive accident – could it be they would BAN UMBRELLAS in sepang??!!! huhu

after the rain the sun was out again, and the F1 GP started at 5pm (gila tak, lambat tuu…sungguh x faham kenapa..rupenye sebab nak dapatkan live telecast 9am kot kat area europe…tapi sangatlah tak sesuai dengan timing kita…hehe), and as forecasted, the weather turned bad and the race was suspended at lap 31 and later stopped..spectators started doing all crazy stunts to amuse themselves…all the drivers only got half points, and we went home with word – hampa!

balik pulak stress ngan polis yang ‘menjaga’ trafik dengan teramat ‘cemerlang’..tapi same thing every year, no improvements in term of the after-race traffic.

but this year’s race was great, even with only 31 laps and the race got suspended, we got to see how Glock become a ‘trend-setter’ with the tyres (just humourous), heidfeld was persistent on the wet tyres and not going with the flow, thanks to his ‘local’ engineers (lucky him!), and the drivers skidded and turned on the wet track, it must’ve been very challenging for the teams..and this year was such a different experience for me..and as year I’ll be back for more!!

“the weather gods are playing jokes with us” – the commentators


menyusuri sg. kuantan

28 March 2009
From sg kuantan

ayah hani’s office mates went on a boat ride ‘menyusuri sungai kuantan’..we joined in, the ride was okay, we get to see fishermen and eagles..we also get to walk along the trail among mangroves..muhammad had a great time watching the splashes the boat made, baby really enjoys his first boat ride 😉

From sg kuantan
From sg kuantan
From sg kuantan