KK trip 2010 – day 1

13 May 2010

we went for a 5 days 4 nights trip to KK, sabah with our friends..it was the hani babies’ first plane ride and big bro hani was so excited to see lots of jet planes and to actually be in one!

we arrived in KK around lunch time, got our rented nissan urvan at the airport and by using our GPS, we went to look for a place to have lunch..later we headed to mount kinabalu, and spend the night at a cosy motel called puncak borneo in bundu tuhan. had dinner in ranau – yummy yummy sabah smoked wings..delish!!


double celebration

10 May 2010

mommy hani’s birthday always coincides with mother’s day..so, this year we had a double celebration again!

on mother’s day eve, we had dinner at damai seafood restaurant in jb, celebrating mommy hani and opah hani 😉 next day, there was cake, two of them! one for mother’s day for the two mommies, and another for mommy hani’s birthday. brought the birthday cake back to kuantan, and later shared it with mommy hani’s friends at the office. birthday dinner was at a restaurant in china town kuantan.

next up – big bro hani :->


picnic by the beach

2 May 2010

we had a nice picnic by the beach, with a bucket of kfc 😀 muhammad played with the sand and later joined ayah hani flying his brand new kite (out of frustration he bought a new once, since the last kite got stuck in a tree)…muhammad dipped (a bit) in the sea while ayah hani flies his kite, and while mommy hani and baby luqmaan looks out..it was a short and lovely picnic. next time we should start the picnic much earlier, so we could spend more time at the beach..and get ourselves more sunburnt! LOL 😀



1 May 2010

happy birthday to you..happy birthday to you…happy birthday to ayah hani…happy birthday to you!!

ayah hani is 33 yo today! mommy hani baked a banana cake n decorated it as a remote control, in respect to ayah hani’s current hobby – RC planes and cars 😉 ayah hani got 3 birthday gifts – 2 for the man he is (a phone and a pair of sunglasses), and one for the boy within (a popup book)..ayah hani was happy with his gifts, so is hani muhammad..hehe

next up…mommy hani 😉


birthday month kick-off

30 April 2010

May – our birthday month is here!

2010 birthday kick-off was ayah hani’s pre-birthday dinner at crocodile rock, kuantan. The baby hanis behaved well at the beginning, acted up in the middle, and was all angels in the end…hehe…the food was okay lah (not worth repeating, according to ayah hani). we ate a very thin pizza that mommy hani ended up ordering a plate of spaghetti just to make herself full. heee. more action tomorrow 😉


at the beach

17 April 2010

finally we went to the beach! it was baby luqmaan’s first swim in the sea, and muhammad is now more than eager to swim on his own. we had a really great time, joining our long lost friends for a bbq lunch at the beach 😉 amidst the fun we had, ayah suffered a great lost (obviously exaggerated here LOL), ayah was so happy to fly his big rainbow kite, it was real fun, but too bad it got stuck in a tree 😦 yet, we still have some hope to retrieve the kite, till then ayah will still be sober..hihi 😀


sempurna resort – take 2

11 April 2010

as promised made to muhammad, we took the boys for a swim at the rainbow fun pool in sempurna resort. muhammad was fully equipped with his arm floats, swimsuit and goggles!*extremely cute* but missed photo moment 😦 muhammad especially had a really great time, all of us did! even lil baby luqmaan 😉

hmm…mommy hani’s thinking: what if we were to have muhammad’s 2nd birthday at sempurna resort, that would literally be cool (COLD more likely! LOL)